Understanding How Confidence And Self-Empowerment Work Together

Published on 6 August 2023 at 20:11

Think of confidence and self-empowerment as the greatest dream team to ever exist. You can’t have one without the other – any time you flex your confidence, you’re using self-empowerment.

Every time you do something because of self-empowerment, you’re building confidence. These two features work closely together to keep you motivated and constantly chasing success and improvement.

Aren’t confidence and self-empowerment the same thing? 

No! Self-empowerment and confidence are two different features human beings possess. While they work extremely closely together, they do have some key notable differences.

With confidence, a person feels sure enough of themselves to go about their lives without the hindrance of self-doubt. They feel good about themselves, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and know that they have the ability to do well.

In contrast, self-empowerment uses confidence for actionable purposes. If confidence is all about trusting yourself and feeling good about your abilities, self-empowerment takes that confidence a step further by turning it into actions that make a difference.

For example, a self-empowered person feels confident enough to make changes in their life – when they are ready to take the first step toward making those changes, they take action and actually do it because they know they can.


Which comes first: Self-empowerment or confidence? 

Self-empowerment and confidence embody the classic “chicken or egg” conundrum. Which one of them comes first? Do people experience self-empowerment because they’re confident, or do they feel confidence because they have a strong sense of self-empowerment?

Instead of wondering which element comes first, it’s best to think of them like a team working in tandem with each other. Your self-empowerment and confidence work together to provide you energy and power.

When you feel confident, you feel self-empowered to make good decisions for yourself and work hard to meet your biggest goals.

As you exercise your ability to use self-empowerment and find happiness, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and your abilities to work hard and get things done. Confidence and self-empowerment work together to keep you moving, motivated, and successful.


What are some strategies to improve struggling confidence? 

A key step to feeling more self-empowerment is to improve your confidence levels. If you struggle to feel confident in yourself, consider the following strategies to improve:

  1.  Challenge yourself to tackle one hard task each day.

Push yourself to do something you find hard or challenging each day. Even the smallest tasks can work wonders toward boosting your confidence in yourself.

   2.  Make a point to celebrate when you do something well.

Don’t be afraid to cheer yourself! Just as you’d congratulate a friend on a job well done, make sure you’re extending the same kind of recognition to yourself. Give yourself credit when you do something right – it feels good and gives you a bonus confidence boost.

  3.  Play up your own strengths.

Any time you have a chance to put one of your strengths or talents to use, do it. Using your strengths and talents to help others is a major confidence booster that reminds you that you are a useful, talented person.

  4.  Speak to yourself with kindness when you make a mistake.

When you make mistakes, make sure you’re speaking to yourself with kindness. The way you talk to yourself can really affect your confidence. If you’re being extra hard on yourself, swap your language for something more positive and encouraging. Rather than tearing down the rest of your confidence with cruelty, protect it with gentility.



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