Five Ways to Support Yourself While Chasing Your Goals

Published on 29 September 2023 at 18:31

Whether your goals are for business or personal gain, you need to support yourself throughout the process.  Supporting yourself starts with knowing what you want and then having a clear, measurable plan for achieving it.

#1.  Visualize Your Goals
Supporting yourself begins when you first envision your goals. Pictures and written ideas help you form your goals. Visualizing is the first step in achieving them. Writing down your goals makes them more real. It gives you a guide to use when creating your plan. Surrounding yourself with pictures or representations of your goals helps focus your attention on what you want and limits distractions along the way. You need to support yourself with tangible reminders of what you seek.

#2.  Create an Action Plan
Goals without plans are only dreams. Once you know what you want, create a plan to achieve it.  Your plan should include, each part broken up into steps, each step should be reachable, and each step should build toward your goal. Making an action plan is a crucial way to achieve your goals.

#3.  Get Help When You Need It
Supporting yourself while you chase your goals includes finding others to help you. Support is necessary in achieving any goal. You may need a mentor, help through taking a class or seminar, or even the help of people around you to organize your goal.

#4.  Be Accountable
Once you have an action plan, hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals. Telling other people what your goals are and how you plan to get there makes you accountable to someone other than yourself. The people you tell can encourage and support you in your efforts. Keeping a journal and setting dates also help you stay accountable.

#5. Reset Your Goals When Needed
Murphy’s Law says that what can go wrong will go wrong. Don’t let these setbacks stop you from
reaching your goal. Instead, revise your goal and set a new timetable. If you don’t keep trying,
you will never get to take your tropical vacation.


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