The Art of Organizing: Embrace Marie Kondo's Principles to Tidy Up Your Home

Published on 6 October 2023 at 09:46

In the world of home organization, few names shine as brightly as Marie Kondo. The Japanese organizing consultant and author has revolutionized the way we approach tidying up. Her philosophy centers around keeping only what sparks joy and organizing our living spaces for a more harmonious life. Let's explore how you can embrace the principles of Marie Kondo to keep your home organized and clutter-free.

1. Start with a Vision

Marie Kondo's method encourages envisioning the lifestyle you desire. Picture your ideal living space. What does it look like? How does it feel? This vision will serve as your compass throughout the organization process.

2. Tackle Categories, Not Rooms

When decluttering, work by category, not by room. Gather all items of a particular category, like clothes or books, in one place. This way, you see the extent of what you own and can make conscious decisions about what to keep.

3. Spark Joy: The KonMari Method

Hold each item in your hands and ask, "Does this spark joy?" If it does, keep it. If not, thank the item for its service and let it go. This simple yet profound question helps you connect with your belongings on an emotional level.

4. The Folding Method

Marie Kondo's unique folding technique not only maximizes storage but also allows you to see all your clothes at once. Folded items stand upright, making it easier to find what you need while keeping drawers neat and organized.

5. Designate a Place for Everything

Every item should have a designated home. When you're finished using something, put it back in its designated spot. This practice prevents clutter from accumulating and ensures everything remains organized.

6. Purge Unwanted Items Regularly

Make decluttering a regular practice. Over time, our needs and preferences change. What once sparked joy might not anymore. Regular purges keep your living space aligned with your current self.

7. Express Gratitude for Your Belongings

Expressing gratitude for your belongings, even if you're parting with them, is a core principle in the KonMari Method. It helps you appreciate what you have and what you choose to keep.

8. Personalize Your Approach

While Marie Kondo's principles offer a fantastic foundation, adapt them to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Everyone's version of an organized home is unique.


Marie Kondo's approach to organization is not just about tidying up; it's a transformative way to view and interact with your possessions. By surrounding yourself with items that spark joy and organizing your space mindfully, you cultivate an environment that enhances your well-being and invites a sense of calm and harmony into your life. Embrace the art of organizing with a KonMari twist and watch as your home transforms into a haven of joy and order.

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