Finding Balance

Published on 28 October 2023 at 09:39

Finding the balance between work and for play isn't easy at times. We exist in a world where anyone, at almost any time, can get a hold of us. Not to mention the reality that information is coming at us from everywhere. Newspapers, TV, radio, websites, ...the list can go on and on.

Finding the time to work on your relationships with others, at home or at work, is an essential part of whether life seems controllable, pleasurable and balanced. However, a lot of us feel so fragmented and overwhelmed because we aren't achieving that sense of balance.

Like most people, we never appear to have sufficient hours in the day to get everything completed. Taking the time to make creative changes in your life can really mean the difference between simply making a living and having a LIFE.

Take control of your physical environment. You can find roughly 333 more hours (Eight 40-hour weeks) in any given year by getting and staying organized. The less time you spend running around searching for things, the more time you will have for what is significant to you.

Prioritize what is in fact needed and important to you. Be "ruthless" about what you keep. You have a finite amount of space-use the "real estate" for those things you need and treasure.

Eliminate what you don't need. Not everything has to go the way of the dumpster. Donate to a charity or sell the items and allow yourself the freedom from feeling guilty or wasteful. If you aren't using it, chances are someone else can.

Contain things properly. Consider about where you would look for items reasonably and what type of like bits and pieces can be contained right along with them.

Schedule time to maintain your newfound organized self and surroundings.



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